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As the LLP is a creation of Law, the changes in it can only be done by the procedures established under law. Apart from the LLP Act, 2008 and the rules framed thereunder, the primary document which guides and prescribes the method of bringing in a particular change into LLP is its agreement. Needless to mention that the LLP agreement to be enforceable must be executed on non-judicial stamp paper of appropriate value as per the relevant state government rates. The LLP act further prescribes that the agreement must be registered with the ROC within 30 days of its creation or changes. Below some of the most common changes which an LLP may have to make.

  • General Changes regarding the Agreement
  • Change in the name of the LLP.
  • Change in Object of the LLP.
  • Change of registered office of LLP within the jurisdiction of ROC.
  • Change of registered office from the jurisdiction one ROC to other.
  • Change of registered office from one state to another state.
  • Introduction of New Partner in LLP
  • Resignation or Removal of a Partner of LLP
  • Transmission of Rights of LLP in case of Death of Partner
  • Sale of LLP to completely new set of person
  • Change in the profit and loss sharing ratio of the LLP

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